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DNS was founded by two brothers who are car enthusiasts from young days  . They shared the same passion for driving clean neat cars from small days. They have managed and restored few of 80 and 90 car model as a personal hobby. Eventually this interest has lead to the birth Dash and Splah Auto services.
DNS exists in order to trigger positive emotions; the company was born to rewrite how car owners should maintain the appearance of their vehicles, to recreate car presentation results that will satisfy even the most discerning clients.
At DNS we offer a total car care solution package, incorporating everything  from enhancement and protection through to maintenance. Whether you have periodic maintenance, major damage or a minor mishap, our highly qualified staff have the proper solution to deal with your needs.

Our state of the art  facility houses some of the most skilled detailers and Collusion & paint experts .This environment, coupled with our expertise, allows us to offer our clients the highest possible quality.
DNS Every car passes through our DNS Control stages, starting from the first contact, ensuring the correct assessment, best advice and unparalleled quality control every time.
One simple philosophy drives our business: “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”.


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